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Physiotherapy is not just a job for me but also a passion. I have gained a wealth of experience working at various physiotherapy practices, as well as with numerous sporting teams across a multitude of disciplines. I take a holistic approach with my patients, including hands on techniques, education about the condition and rehabilitation to achieve the best possible results.


  • Sports Injuries
  • Orthopedic
  • Shockwave
  • Dry needling
  • Headache


  • Bachelor’s Degree: Physiotherapy (UKZN)

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Danielle Luyt – Biokineticist

Danielle Luyt is a dedicated and passionate Biokineticist who has always aspired to work with athletes throughout her life. From a young age, she actively participated in various sports, including swimming and running, which fueled her love for physical activity and human movement.

Driven by her own experiences as an athlete and the desire to help others, Danielle pursued a career in Biokinetics. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in psychology, and honours in Biokinetics, from Tswhane University of Technology. During her studies, she delved into the intricacies of the human body and honed her skills in assessing and optimizing physical performance.

Fueling her passion further, Danielle gained valuable practical experience by working with athletes, soldiers and many more at renowned sports clinics and rehabilitation centers. This hands-on exposure allowed her to witness firsthand the impact of injuries on athletes and their longing to return to the sport they love.

As a Biokineticist, Danielle’s primary focus is on assisting athletes in recovering from injuries and regaining their competitive edge. She combines her in-depth knowledge of biomechanics, exercise physiology, and injury prevention techniques to develop personalized rehabilitation programs tailored to each athlete’s unique needs. Her empathetic nature and understanding of the mental and emotional challenges faced by injured athletes allow her to provide holistic care and support during the recovery process.

Danielle firmly believes that rehabilitation is not just about healing the physical body but also about fostering mental resilience and confidence. She collaborates closely with athletes, coaches, and other healthcare professionals to ensure a comprehensive and integrated approach to their recovery journey. By employing evidence-based practices and employing the latest advancements in sports rehabilitation, Danielle strives to optimize athletes’ recovery timelines and facilitate their safe return to sport.
Throughout her career, Danielle has had the privilege of working with a diverse range of athletes, from amateur enthusiasts to elite competitors. Her commitment to excellence, combined with her unwavering dedication to helping others, has earned her a reputation for being a trusted and sought-after Biokineticist within the athletic community.
Outside of her professional endeavors, Danielle remains an active participant in sports and continues to compete in swimming, running and cycling events. Her personal experiences as an athlete enable her to empathize deeply with her patients and instill in them the confidence and belief that they can overcome any obstacle and triumph over adversity.
Danielle is driven by her lifelong dream to contribute to the success and well-being of athletes. With her expertise, unwavering passion, and relentless pursuit of excellence, she continues to make a significant impact in the field of sports rehabilitation, empowering athletes to conquer their injuries and rediscover the joy of competing at their highest potential.

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