Testimonials from clients .....


Excellent. The owners are true to their clients. They are honest people that care about their clients health and overall fitness. Family orientated, great atmosphere, super clean facilities and well maintained equipment.



The gym it self is exceptionally well organized and layed out, everything in its place and ready for the next person to use. Always clwan and tidy.

The staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly (always smiling and willing to assist). Coach Steve and Byron are focused machines with so much experience and energy. I highly recommend to make an appointment with them and FOLLOW their instructions.

I spent this week with Steve and it was a life changing experience, thanx Steve for this intence week and see you on monday again.



I Know its only my first week in to this new improved Aimee, but I am enjoying myself so much I dont want to miss a day. Thanks to Elaine and Byron for their awesome classes even though I have felt like I could have died a couple of times so worth it. This gym is more like home everyone involved so friendly and great. Thanks Helen & Steve.



Love working out here.The atmosphere is condusive to hard , "in the zone "workouts.
Thanx guys.



Nice to join a Gym that opens at 5am and closes at 21 pm.Gives us a lot of flexibility in our schedules.The free assistance was highly appreciated last night! Thanks.



Walked past the gym today. Was pleasantly surprised to see they have a toddler area available. Something the other gyms in the area don't have. Will be joining Forever Fit Gym soon.



Nie die grootste nie maar alles wat mens nodig het is hier. Love die plek en gaan verseker n beast raak



Best Gym in town!

Well laid out, enough equipment, equipment well maintained and the staff are exceptional.

Hands down the best!



Hi Helen,


May I just pay you guys a compliment, I have been training at Planet Fitness Mega Gym in Rivonia, which is suppose to be an incredible gym. The facilities might have a few extras such as an indoor running tract and all kinds of studios but when it comes down to it, it still does not beat the experience I have had at Forever Fit. I would still have chosen Forever Fit if you were here in JHB. Your gym is always exceptionally clean and having the weights racked at all times along with your friendliness and service definitely sets you guys apart. I dread training every day still because I miss FF. Your layout and equipment is still tops!

Just a compliment from my side and I’m sure many people who have trained by you before and compared it to another gym will agree with me.


I will surely pop in from time to time when ever I am in Hartbeespoort.

Best wishes forward.


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