A convenient selection of healthy meals made on a weekly basis and delivered twice a week for freshness.


Everyday there there will be different meal options, and the menus are continuously rotated for variety.

Meals are calorie smart and protein/carbohydrate percentages are calculated to bring you healthy nutritious meals that will keep you full and fuel your lifestyle.

All without the hassle of cooking yourself.

How it Works?

  • Orders to be placed on Friday the week before.

  • No late orders will be accepted.

  • Payments to be made immediately on the site.

There will be a Dinner option for Mondays.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner options for Tuesday to Friday.

Collection of meals will be at Forever Fit Gym on Monday from 15:00 and Wednesday from 12:00 every week.


  • Melodie, Ifafi, Meerhoof and Schoemansville will be charge R50.00

  • Pecanwood, Coves and Kosmos will be charge R100.00


To be made after placing order. 

Card and EFT will be accepted.

No cash payments at Gym Reception will be accepted.