My name Is Brenda

I am a personal trainer at Forever Fit Gym.

My passion is health and wellness. I live, eat and dream fitness.

I would like to take the love I have for my passion and share it with others in order to help them live healthier better lifestyles.

When I was at school I took part in various physical activities such as: high jump, hurdles, shot put, netball and rugby. I now compete in Commando Warrior races and personal train people assisting them to achieve their own physical and fitness goals.

I specialize in weight loss, strength and conditioning as well as endurance training.

I am very goal orientated and strive to help others reach theirs, be it in sport, weight management or living a physically healthy lifestyle. I studied my National Certificate through ISSA (International Sports Science Association) and completed a Nutrition Diploma through Shaw Academy


My qualifications are:

Certificate in Exercise Science (International Sport Science Association ) ISSA (Personal Training and Fitness)

Diploma in Exercise and Sports Nutrition (Shaw academy)

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